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Crime and Public Safety:

Dynamically change recent trends:  Currently Colorado is #1 in country for car theft, #1 in bank robberies, and #2 for property theft.  Murders are up from last year 32% and at a 25 year high.  

 Paul will work to restore the dignity and respect our law enforcement officers deserve.  In the last two years Colorado has lost too many good police officers and recruiting new high quality police offericers has become more challenging.  The increase of crime in Colorado has most dramatically impacted minority and disavantaged communities. Additionally, penalties for property crimes and violent crimes must be restored to previous levels. He also supports the recent legistlation to crack down on the Fentanyl epidemic in Colorado.   

Make Colorado Affordable:

Housing:  Colorado has the 4th highest cost of housing in the United States.  This is stressing many thousands of Coloradans.  We need a significant increase in the supply of single family homes, condominiums, and apartments.  Development of these housing units should be encouraged and enabled through moratoriums on no growth agendas, and significantly reducing the licensing and utility fees currently required for all new construction.

Energy:  Not too long ago, prices at the pump were 40% lower than they are now.  This is costing the typical Colorado driver $175 more per month per car to drive.  Costs to cool and heat our homes and offices have also increased significantly.  Colorado needs to reverse policies hostile to the energy industry.  Colorado leaders should also encourage national leadership to revert to energy policies that resulted in affordable energy costs.

Grocery:  We are still experiencing supply chain distruptions from Covid.  We need to get back to living life and supply chain issues will diminish. 

Healthcare:  Health care is 18% of our economy.  We need an actual healthcare market where consumers behave like consumers and providers strive to meet consumers' demand for better value.  Government's role is to provide appropriate safeguards. 

Business:  Small business employs nearly half of the working people in Colorado.  Paul started his business 17 years ago.  It now employee 52 people, many living in district 37.  Paul is inspired by those who take the significant risk of starting a business, and who invest money, time, emotion, sweat, worry and constant effort. He empathizes with them, and intends to help small businesses grow and to make it more affordable to do business in Colorado.  

Expand Education Choice

Paul is married to a teacher.  He is the son of a teacher and has two children who are teachers.  His family has been a strong supporter and asset to public schools for over 40 years.  We can do much better than we have done in recent years.   He supports parent involvement in education, and education scholarships at the primary and secondary levels.      


Colorado's homeless population is growing.  This is a community problem and a human tragedy.  Currently, Colorado spends more per capita on homeless programs than on any other social service.  Paul has served with multiple churches that are successfully transitioning people from homelessness to productive, fulfilling lives.  Paul has witnessed that success in moving a person or family out of homelessness is best achieved when members of faith communities are side-by-side.  







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Crime and Public Safety

Make Colorado Affordable 


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