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Meet Paul

I have four priorities in my life:  

Family, Faith, Work and Community


Paul and Carol recently celebrated 43 years of marriage.  They met as teenagers at a church youth conference, became close friends, later sweethearts, and married 7 years after that first meeting.  They have five children, all married.   Each family has four children – two boys and two girls-- exceptional.  These 20 spectacular grandchildren bring joy, fun and a wonderful busyness to their lives.   Two Archer children live in Colorado, two live in Texas, and one lives in Idaho.  All 32 of the Archer clan gathers a couple of times each year.  It is beautiful, joyful, noisy and fun when the whole family is together.  Regular trips to Idaho and Texas, and frequent all family zoom gatherings, keep the family close.   "Life is at its best when we are all together".  


Faith is central to Paul's and Carol's lives.  For all of the years of their marriage they have answered the call to serve wherever their church expresses need for them.  This has included teaching children and youth and serving in leadership roles including 5 years as Bishop (Pastor) of their church congregation.  Paul believes in God and sees all people as children of  God –  brothers and sisters in this journey through life.  As brothers and sisters Paul believes we have a mutual responsibility to each other which is realized through love and love-in-action – service.  Paul and Carol engage regularly with other churches and are inspired by the faith of many good people.

People experiencing homelessness are some of the most vulnerable amongst us.  Paul and his wife spend many Saturdays providing meals to those displaced in urban Denver.  They serve with the material support of their church and side by side with members and leadership of other churches in providing love, encouragement, support and food for over 150 people every weekend. This regular outreach has been funded without government assistance. 


Paul has been self-employed for 17 years.  The company he founded and leads employs 52 people in Colorado and serves thousands of customers. He has led the company through the challenges of the economic collapse of 2008-2009, and through the shutdowns associated with Covid.  Through these years the company has focused on being the best place to work any of its team members will ever experience, and in being the best vendor its customers will ever have.  The experience of signing the front side of pay checks (actually the company uses direct deposit – but, that doesn’t sound as good) for many years has given Paul a significant understanding of how government often makes starting, growing and sustaining a business more difficult than it has to be.  Small business employs nearly half of the working people in Colorado.  Paul is inspired by those who take the significant risk of starting a business, and who invest money, time, emotion, sweat, worry and constant effort. He empathizes with them, and intends to help small businesses grow and make it more affordable to do business in Colorado.



 Active community involvement has always been a part of Paul’s life. Paul has co-founded three non-profit organizations. These include, Cornerstone Productions, whose mission is to bring inspiring events to Colorado, and the Coalition to Simplify Colorado Sales Tax, where Paul is currently board President.  This organization represents nearly 15,000 Colorado businesses in working with the state, cities, and counties to simplify Colorado’s very complex sales tax system.  In the past three years, several bills the colitation championed have passed the Colorado legislature with near unanimous support.  This legislation is moving Colorado toward a sales tax system that is easy for business and beneficial for the state and cities which rely heavily on sales tax revenue for vital services. The Coalition for Effective Health Care, another non profit co-founded by Paul, has been a voice for reforms in our health care system that would  reduce cost while improving access and quality. 

Paul has also served as a board member of the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross, and for 40 years has served in many capacities as a volunteer leader in the Boy Scouts of America.  

Education has always been a priority for Paul.  He is a son of a teacher, father of two teachers, and a husband of a teacher.   His wife has a long service history of service in the Littleton Public Schools. She is a trained educator, and a certified instructor for children and youth experiencing dyslexia.  She develop and implement a reading program for elementary children.

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