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We are pleased to inform you that yourcampaign has been awarded an endorsement for your 2022 campaign from SAFE (Science and Families Engaging) Communities Coalition.

Thank you again for advocating for safe daycares, schools, workplaces, and communities, and for committing to govern with public health as a priority. We value your commitment to preserving the vaccine policies that have kept us all safe from preventable diseases for decades. 


Mayor Stephanie Piko, Mayor of the City of Centennial

I’ve known Paul Archer for all of my term as Mayor of Centennial.  Paul was key to creating and organizing a council of faith leaders in Centennial.  The participating faith communities are a source of many, many good things in our community.  They are certainly a force for much more good in the future.  Paul is concerned about people and has exhibited special concern for and action on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.

 I’ve watched Paul work collaboratively with many different people.  I’m sure he’ll be a source of experience, wisdom and positive action in the Colorado state legislature.


Dr. Uzo Nduka

I met Paul when both of us were knocking on doors of immigrant owned businesses on behalf of a candidate whom we both supported.  We became friends.  I am an immigrant from Nigeria.  I love America.  I love the opportunities every single person in this country has to pursue his or her dreams.  Paul and I share that love of our country.  He embraces and lives the values of this great country – opportunity, individual accountability, mutual concern and respect for all people and service.  I’m happy to endorse him for Colorado House District 37.

Carol Gibbs:  Automated Business Products

I work with Paul at the company he created.  He is innovative and relentless when it comes to problem solving.  If there is a way to do it, he will find it.  However, he will never do anything that compromises his values or unfairly disadvantages others.  He believes in transparency and karma.   He treats both his customers and his employees with respect and honesty.  He has contagious positive energy.  He gets things done, and when I am around him I am inspired to give my best.  He is a great friend. I live in district 37 and I am excited to vote for him.  I hope you will join me.  ArcherforColorado!

LeAnn Gunnell: Single mother, Realtor

Paul Archer has an astonishing mind with years of disciplined daily research and study, vast personal experiences, as well as a staggering memory that grants him a real grasp and understanding of perplex issues.  I am dazed and impressed by the broad expanse of his knowledge.  More important to me is Paul’s awe-inspiring integrity.  Lots of people have impressive minds, but Paul also has a strong moral compass that guides his decision making.  I’ve seen Paul make decisions that would buckle most, but to him are unclouded.  For twenty five years I’ve watched Paul Archer try to improve systems, bring ideas together, solve problems, make the world around him better, protect the vulnerable, and protect family values.  He asks lots and lots of questions.  He gets to the heart of what others are thinking and how he can find common ground.  Paul Archer has a servant’s heart.  With joyful confidence, I give my full endorsement of Paul Archer for House District C37.

Pastor Dwayne Johnson

I am writing  on behalf of a good friend Mr. Paul Archer who has been instrumental in assisting those in need in the Aurora and surrounding areas of our city.  A man that does not see the color of the person but the heart and needs of all. His outstanding leadership is what is needed in our communities to turn things around, a great man of faith, who has won the hearts of many. Among the less fortunate due to his care & genuine love to see everyone live a better life for this I endorse Mr. Paul Archer. Thank you.


Alan and Sandy Gordon, Alan is an ex-professional soccer player/current mortgage Advisor  Sandy is a register nurse 

My wife and I met Paul Archer about 4 years ago. In the time that we have known Paul he has made significant positive impact on the lives of myself, my wife Sandi as well as my 3 children. His integrity, empathy, influence and his overall curiosity and interest in the lives of those he encounters is a rare quality he possesses. There is no other person I would feel more strongly endorsing than Paul for a leadership position. Please consider supporting our good friend.

I have known Paul for almost 30 years, and consider him to be a great friend. One of the things I admire about Paul is his ability to find common ground with just about everybody. He is not easily offended and always looks to identify and work towards solutions that benefit all parties. I know that if Paul is elected to serve in the Colorado State Legislature, he will work with all interested parties to craft policies that make life better for those residents in his district in particular, and better for all residents of Colorado in general. — John Tice
Loan Officer (VIP Mortgage)

Committee to Elect Paul Archer
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